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Flavor List

Price $45 

There's nothing in the world like the smell and taste of fresh, theater style hot buttered popcorn. 'Fun Time' Popcorn Machines are the hit of every party. Entertain your friends and family, while making some of the most delicious popcorn imaginable! 

Price $125 

​The 'Cuisinairre' Cotton Candy Floss Machine makes up to 7 servings of wispy sweet cotton candy cones per fill. Kids and adults alike flock to this machine as soon as you begin producing cones!

​Go pro with a Hatsuyuki HC-8E Cube Ice Shaver. This portable machine can turn ordinary cubed or bagged ice into light, fluffy snow in a matter of seconds! The Hatsuyuki HC-8E is perfect for shaved ice.

Just drop ice into hopper, push the handle and let the machine do the rest! The ice should all be similar in size and be able to fit into hopper opening (large store-bought ice bags ideal for unit). This machine produces Shaved Ice that has "snow-like" texture!

Make your next event a hit with one of our extraordinary, easy to use machines!

Popcorn Machine

Price $55 

Syrup: $10 per gallon

Cotton Candy Machine

Sno Cone/Shave Ice Machine

Shave Ice Machine